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1993 - 2020...

Not really published yet, but you can see some old videos below! 



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Acoustic version in

Estonian television below!


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Various older videos:  TV, "work in progress" and other attempts.

(With all the embarrasing mistakes that goes with it ;-) 

Estonian television 2017

(They sort of misunderstood somewhat and called it "Krönikum" even when i played Rainbow Child ;-)

Two songs featured in a test production by Norwegian television, early 90's.

(Also featured on the casette tape from '91 which is on Soundcloud ;-)

Old videos with Kora Dolora

(One from before we came up with the ingenious band name ;-)

Recorded in Lima 2011.

Two songs in Norwegian: "What is right and what is wrong?" ; "Dance song in October"

Two recordings from Krönikum that never was mastered before the files dissapeared.

Swedish newspaperwritings adapted into songs 

A bunch of videos from 2011-2013.

(Not quite as embarrasing anymore - so go ahead ;-)

Two songs that later became part of the Kora Dolora repertoire.

("Let me out again" was originally written in norwegian and can be heard on soundcloud)

The first and only song I released on MySpace... 

(Don't think you will find it there though ;-)

My long time friend, Erik Damberg produced and played most instruments. www.damberglydstudio.com/